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Restaurant New York City

Momofuku: Feasting on Mountain of Chang’s Fried Chicken

The way we see it, Momofuku‘s fried chicken presents two challenges. The first is just getting a seat in front of the feast. Chef David Chang and his crew at Momofuku Noodle Bar have...

UCLA Science and Food: David Chang on Microbes and Ramen

The UCLA Science and Food lecture series featured David Chang, a classically trained chef who’s built a progressive culinary empire that spans from New York to Sydney and Toronto and covers everything from casual...
Restaurant New York City

Momofuku Ssam Bar: Expanding Peachy East Village Phenom [CLOSED]

David Chang’s Asian restaurant, Momofuku (“lucky peach” in Japanese), became an East Village phenomenon when it opened in 2004. Momofuku’s success prompted Chang and co-owner Joaquin Baca to open Momofuku Ssam Bar in 2006,...