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2014 Food GPS Rib Festival: Showcasing L.A. Chefs in Chinatown

On July 13, the very first Food GPS Rib Festival is taking place in L.A.’s Chinatown, featuring some of the city’s best chefs and benefiting Pablove Foundation, a Silver Lake-based charity that’s committed to...
Cocktail Los Angeles

Warwick Blackberry Buck (Drink of the Week)

Bottle service and clubbing aren’t normally big parts of my repertoire. Or even small parts. However, I found a lot to like about Warwick, the chic Hollywood lounge from Jeffrey Best and partners like...
Food Event Los Angeles

Food GPS Fried Chicken Festival Recap + Slideshow

The Food GPS Fried Chicken Festival took place on Sunday, September 15 at LOT 613 in the downtown L.A. Arts District. This chef-driven, all-inclusive event showcased one of the world’s best-loved and most versatile...
Bartender Los Angeles

Top Selling Cocktails at Los Angeles Bars

We asked 6 prominent L.A. bartenders one question: “What’s your best selling cocktail, and why do you think that’s the case?” Their responses provide insight about both clientele and bar programs.
Negroni Los Angeles

The Making of a Cocktail: The Negroni

The Negroni dates to 1919, when Italian count Camillo Negroni instructed the bartender at Florence’s Caffè Casoni to embolden his Americano. The bartender promptly substituted the soda water with a splash of gin. Thus...
Bartender Los Angeles

“Mod” Mondays at Bar Lubitsch / Coronet Update

Bartender Damian Windsor just e-mailed with two cocktail related updates. Beginning Monday February 23, Bar Lubitsch will host a weekly “Mod” themed party. According to the self-described aquarius, bartender, mixologist and dolphin trainer, “Jared...