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Corina Weibel

Brunch Los Angeles

Canele: Brunching in Atwater Village? What a Pain (Perdu) [CLOSED]

Back in the days when I was actually well rounded, one of my favorite things to do was grab the Sunday paper and settle into a table at a nearby café for brunch. Lazy...
Mediterranean Food Los Angeles

Canele: Creating Electricity with Mediterranean Specials [CLOSED]

A mob of starving food bloggers descended on Canelé’s communal table for a Mediterranean feast, including Matthew (Mattatouille) Christine (Folie à Choisauce), Kevin (Kevin Eats), Aaron (Food Destination), Fiona (Gourmet Pigs) and Danny (Kung...
Mediterranean Food Los Angeles

My Favorite Restaurant and Why

It’s like a music aficionado, film geek, or a book lover. What’s your favorite? The Beatles? Kurt Vonnegut? Early ’80s U2? Joseph Heller’s Catch-22? Maybe Reservoir Dogs or The Maltese Falcon? The age-old question...