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Sandwich Los Angeles

Cook’s Tortas Cochinita Sandwich (Dose of Vitamin P)

There’s a good chance that British explorer Captain Cook would not recognize cochinita pibil, and the Yucatan pork specialty is not quite textbook at Cook’s Tortas, the Monterey Park sandwich shop that Elvira Zamora,...
Food Event Los Angeles

Top 8 Tastes from 2009 East LA Meets Napa

On July 10, a record crowd converged at the Union Station courtyard to enjoy the fourth annual East LA Meets Napa. The event benefited AltaMed Health Services Corporation, which has been providing health care...
Best Food Of The Year

2008 Top 15 Los Angeles Meals

Learn about my Top 15 Los Angeles meals in 2008, regardless of cuisine or cost. Every meal at Elena’s Greek Armenian Cuisine, El Mar Azul and La Casita Mexicana could have qualified, but I...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

Cook’s Tortas: Elevating Gourmet Mexican Sandwiches in SGV

L.A. native Ricardo Diaz opened this Mexican sandwich shop at the end of February with in-laws Elvira and Antonio Zamora. He jokingly said the goal with Elvira was “to get her out of the...