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Craft Beer California

Craft Beer Mergers and Acquisitions

Chicago and New York. Oregon and Washington. Where will ABInBev and their acquisition machine next turn their gaze? It could make for a fun parlor game. It has come to light that ABInBev contacted...
Craft Beer Orange County

A Little Bit Malty in Here

Cismontane Brewing in Rancho Santa Margarita has eschewed the single hop idea and instead has partnered with Best Malz out of Germany to undertake a series of single malt beers. The brewers are trying to...
Craft Beer Florida

Interview: beer pro Wayne Wambles (Cigar City Brewing)

With so many great breweries at the recent Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Fest, there was bound to be some that I would miss while I was there.  Thanks to e-mail, I was able to...
Craft Beer Florida

Can’t Get That Here

Over the weekend, I had two craft beer encounters that made me happy. First, Congregation Alehouse in Pasadena had Boo Goop, a wheat wine collaboration between Three Floyds and Mikkeller. Two days later at...