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Pork Los Angeles

dineL.A. Top Lunch + Dinner Picks (Summer 2017)

dineL.A. returns for Summer 2017 from July 14-28, featuring over 375 options for lunch and dinner. American Express is sponsoring an Exclusive Series for restaurants offering deluxe menus that start at $95. My recommendations...
Falafel Los Angeles

dineL.A. Top Lunch + Dinner Picks (Winter 2017)

dineL.A. returns from January 13-27, featuring over 300 options for lunch and dinner for the Winter 2017 event. American Express is also sponsoring a deluxe Exclusive Series of restaurants featuring special menus that start...
Pork Los Angeles

Church & State Crispy Pig Ears [CLOSED]

On the menu, Church & State chef Walter Manzke can mask the dish’s identity in French and call them Oreilles de Cochon, but there’s no doubt what you’re looking at when the bowl hits...
Cocktail Workshop Los Angeles

Névé Rocks The Jumbo Ice at Church & State

Exceptional bartenders and mixologists consider many factors when producing cocktails, including balanced flavors and presentation. However, until recently, one aspect was an afterthought: ice. “Drink Smith” Michel Dozois is working to convert bartenders, consumers...
Bartender Los Angeles

Michel Dozois Mans the Bar at Church & State

At yesterday’s first anniversary party for The Sporting Life – the Los Angeles bartenders’ guild – noted “drink smith” Michel Dozois revealed he’s been behind the bar at Church & State for the past...
French Restaurant Los Angeles

Church & State: Bringing Culinary Firepower to Urban Brasserie [CLOSED]

The outlying area of downtown’s Arts District was always an unlikely place to find a good meal, until last September, when Steven Arroyo and Yassmin Sarmadi opened Church & State at the base of...