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Craft Beer Christmas

Beer Gifts for Under the Tree

It is Christmas season and to help you find that perfect something for the craft beer geek who is on Santa’s nice list, here are some ideas for under the O Tannenbaum. So you...
Christmas Beer Orange County

‘Tis the Season (Part Three)

Winter is my favorite time of the beer year. Pun-tastic names abound and brewers really throw together big, flavor-filled beers unencumbered by a particular style. I have even seen a peach/pecan mash-up! Here are...
Christmas Dessert

What Beer Goes with Figgy Pudding?

The scene on Christmas morning is usually messy and chaotic. Wrapping paper everywhere, kids running around with candy canes, stockings emptied, half constructed toys for kids of all ages lying unattended on the floor....
Christmas Dinner

Christmas Turducken Feast

I used to limit Food GPS to meals that people can repeat in restaurants, but a recent family tradition has proven too powerful to ignore: the turducken. For the past four Christmases, my father...