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Sausage Los Angeles

Moruno Chorizo [CLOSED]

At Moruno in The Original Farmers Market, chef Chris Feldmeier has a deft touch with pork products and fermentation. Chorizo with Sauerkraut ($15) is just one great combo that emanates from the glass-fronted kitchen,...
Burrito Los Angeles

Cofax Coffee Chorizo Burrito

Despite what FiveThirtyEight pundits claim, many L.A. burritos are far superior to San Francisco’s sloppy, over-sized Mission burritos. A new entry in the burrito pantheon resides at Cofax Coffee, a Fairfax coffee bar from...
Clams Los Angeles

Escala Chorizo Clams

It’s the same old story. Colombian born artist/music producer hires Korean-American chef and opens an L.A. gastropub. Oh wait, that’s not an everyday story at all, but that is the tale of Bogota native...
Taco Los Angeles

Guerrilla Tacos Chorizo Taco

I can still remember a moment after the Lamb Showdown when Wesley Avila, who was working for Walter Manzke that night, announced that he planned to raise the bar for L.A. tacos. A bold...
Breakfast Sandwich Los Angeles

Sycamore Kitchen Egg and Chorizo Sandwich

The Sycamore Kitchen, the fast casual concept from Hatfield’s chef-owners Karen Hatfield and husband Quinn, has captured the imagination of Mid-City Los Angles denizens thanks to industrial chic design and refined, California-inflected takes on...
Donut Los Angeles

fōnuts Chorizo Cheddar fonut

A new era for Mid-City pastry and coffee began on August 22 when four-star pastry chef Waylynn Lucas and business partner Nancy Truman invited friends, family and media types, including me, to preview fōnuts,...