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Chocolate Brooklyn

Mast Brothers Chocolate: Swept Away by Tradition in Brooklyn [CLOSED]

Prior to the 20th Century, masts towered over choppy seas to propel ships on transatlantic voyages. Brothers Rick and Michael Mast clearly can’t harness as much energy as bygone sailing ships, but what the...
Chocolate Shop Santa Fe

Kakawa: Reviving Meso American Traditions to Yield Chocolate

Santa Fe features New World history that dates to 1607, when Spanish conquistadors first set foot in northern New Mexico. That’s impressive for sure, but Peter Wolf decided to dig deeper, drawing on Meso...
Chocolate Los Angeles

ChocolateBox Café Expands to Malibu Lumber Yard [CLOSED]

Zaré Baghdasarian builds on the success of ChocolateBox Café in La Cañada Flintridge by opening a branch at the Malibu Lumber Yard. You’ll find premium Belgian chocolates from Brussels, Liege and Antwerp, plus Illy...
Chocolate Los Angeles

Peninsula Beverly Hills Rolls Out Chocolate Dim Sum [NOW UNAVAILABLE]

The Peninsula Beverly Hills was already offering dim sum courtesy of Hong Kong native Jimmy Chiu, including steamed shrimp dumplings, Peking duck potstickers and fried seafood rolls. Now Executive Chef James Overbaugh and Executive...
Cake Los Angeles

Valerie Confections Open House Showcases Sugary Treasures

3360 West 1st Street used to be a regular haunt during my TV days, when the Silver Lake-ish space housed Picholine, a French-run sandwich shop and gourmet market. Now confectioner Valerie Gordon and partner...
Craft Beer San Diego

Dionicess IV: Beer, Chocolate and Charity

Charity has to be the best possible reason to drink six craft beers and devour a box of artisanal chocolates. On May 17, Gev Kazanchyan provided that motivation when he hosted Dionicess IV, pairing...