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Craft Beer Los Angeles

Hand-Brewed Beer Encino IPA

Technically, Hand-Brewed Beer debuted over two years ago. While co-founders Brian Hand, Anthony Castaneda, and Will Caplenor distributed kegs to San Fernando Valley bars, it took until this September to debut a tasting room...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Interview: Hand Brewed Beer founders Brian Hand + Anthony Castaneda

Brian Hand & Anthony Castaneda, the Co-Founders and Brewers of Hand Brewed Beer, are in the process of nailing down a San Fernando Valley location for their new brewery. You can check out their...
Bar Logo Los Angeles

Brew & You on McG’s and Karl Strauss

We beer geeks can be creatures of habit. We find a bar that has comfy chairs and, rotating tap list, and knowledgeable staff and we just keep going back. I am here to keep...