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Charles Lew

Craft Beer Los Angeles

Stout Expanding in Los Angeles

At first there was one and soon there will be four. The Stout Burgers & Beer brand from Alex Kagianaris, Charles Lew, and Marc Kreiner has expanded to Studio City, with Santa Monica and...
Restaurant Hollywood

Stout Pairs Burgers with Beer in Hollywood

Back in August, we reported about Stout, a new burgers-and-beer concept in the former Hollywood home to Karma Coffeehouse. Last night, Stout partners Charles Lew and Alex Kagianaris teamed with Spacecraft designer Kristofer Keith...
Restaurant Hollywood

STOUT Delivers Burgers and Beer to Hollywood

Back in February, Spacecraft designer Kristofer Keith (Kitchen 24, La Grande Orange Café, BoHo) led me on a walk-through of the former Karma Coffeehouse space. At that stage, the burgers and beer concept was...