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Casey Lane

Pasta Los Angeles

Viale dei Romani Tagliatelle [CLOSED]

The Parish’s closing in DTLA seemed to stop forward momentum for Casey Lane. He and his partners scrapped plans for a Melrose restaurant called Itri, and the talented chef returned his exclusive focus to...
Italian Food Los Angeles

The Tasting Kitchen Gnocco Fritto

It’s become increasingly difficult to define The Tasting Kitchen under chef Casey Lane’s watch. What started out as a California influenced Italian restaurant (or was it an Italian influenced California restaurant?) still has both...
Hamburger Los Angeles

The Tasting Kitchen (Brunch): Dialing in a Hybrid Meal

The Westside of Los Angeles has a thing for hybrids. No wonder so many Priuses (or is it Prii?) are silently traversing mean streets like Montana, San Vicente and Abbot Kinney. That fact also...
Chef Los Angeles

Top Selling Dishes at Los Angeles Restaurants

I asked eight prominent L.A. chefs one question: “What is your top selling dish, and why do you think that’s the case?” Top selling dishes seem to say as much about their clientele as...
Chef Los Angeles

Interview: chef Casey Lane (The Tasting Kitchen)

El Paso native Casey Lane has experienced an impressive progression since he worked at clarklewis in Portland. In 2009, he and some fellow Portlanders set their sights on SoCal and transformed Venice’s short-lived AK...
Pork Los Angeles

The Tasting Kitchen Pork 3 Ways

In the world of food writing, it’s often best to reserve judgment until you absolutely don’t have a choice. That’s the reason my 2010 Best of Food GPS list didn’t appear until January 2,...