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Café Grumpy

Coffee New York City

Interview: Café Grumpy co-founder Caroline Bell

Caroline Bell opened Café Grumpy with Chris Timbrell in 2005, starting with a Greenpoint café that accommodated art and performance space. They’ve diversified since then, adding cafes in Park Slope and moving across the...
Coffee New York City

Manhattan Coffeehouse Tour and Impressions

For years, Seattle was considered the nation’s coffee capital, but now the action has moved further south to Portland. Or has it? Several trusted coffee professionals seem to think that New York is currently...
Coffee Sign Brooklyn

Cafe Grumpy: Swelterning For Coffee’s Sake in Greenpoint

Caroline Bell and husband Chris Timbrell’s Café Grumpy is often mentioned as one of the best coffeehouses in New York City. They have a second location in Chelsea (a neighborhood that seems to be...