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Cocktails Los Angeles

E.P. & L.P. Boba Cocktails

L.P. is the rooftop bar at E.P. & L.P., the two-story West Hollywood “Asian eating house” from Australian owners DJ Grant Smillie, businessman David Combes, and model Ashley Hart. L.P. delivers panoramic city views...
Tea Shop Logo San Francisco

Boba Guys: Aardvark Approved Boba in San Francisco

If the nose knows, then there’s serious wisdom in Boba Guys, where a boba-slurping aardvark is the poster child for a glass-fronted cafe with some of California’s best boba. Andrew Chan and Bin Chen,...
Tea House Taipei

Chun Shui Tang: O.G. Pearl Milk Tea in Taipei Basement

People may not have a clear understanding of Taiwanese cuisine since there are so few available options, even in a city like Los Angeles, but one aspect that’s pretty clear is that the country...
Tea Orange County

Tastea: Guaranteeing Smiles (and Puns) in Garden Grove

John Dinh, Scott Nguyen and Ted Vu opened their superior tea parlor in a Garden Grove strip mall in 2000, specializing in tea drinks and complimentary puns. A lot of boba establishments rely on...