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Book Review: The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee

My experiences at Blue Bottle Coffee have been shaky, but I’m still impressed with The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee, a combination biography, how-to, and cookbook from company founder James Freeman, wife and head...
Coffee Logo San Francisco

Blue Bottle Coffee Co. (Mint Plaza): Keep Feeling Fascination

At the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, don’t even bother getting in line at the Blue Bottle Coffee Co. cart unless you have twenty minutes to spare. Throngs of coffee junkies are willing to wait...
Coffee San Francisco

Blue Bottle Coffee Co.: Moving Beyond Carts to Hayes V(alley)

To Bay Area coffee aficionados, nobody roasts better beans than Blue Bottle. Unfortunately, until recently, Blue Bottle’s beans and brews were scarce within the city limits. A smattering of top restaurants like Fifth Floor...