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Chef Los Angeles

Recent Additions at 9 Los Angeles Restaurants

On June 10, at Taste of the Nation Los Angeles, I asked nine different participating chefs, What’s the most recent dish that you developed, and what was your inspiration and approach? Read their telling...
Chef Los Angeles

Interview: Chef Neal Fraser discusses BLD, Grace’s evolution, Going Pro, Hiring Practices, Finding Balance + More

Chef Neal Fraser has been a fixture on the Los Angeles dining scene since the early ’90s, when he first stepped into the kitchens at Caioti and Wolfgang Puck’s short-lived Eureka brewpub. He earned...
Food Tour Los Angeles

Progressive Eating Tour of Beverly Boulevard: Consumption, Chefs and a Side of History

Even with 13 years (and thousands of meals) under my belt, Los Angeles continues to amaze me. The sprawling city has a phenomenal depth and breadth when it comes to food, history and culture....
Food Tour Los Angeles

Food GPS Progressive Eating Tour of Beverly Boulevard

Last fall, Food GPS brought you progressive dining tours of Santa Monica and Downtown. On the afternoon of Sunday, July 25, we’re continuing the in-depth exploration of L.A.’s best eating neighborhoods as Food GPS...
Restaurant Los Angeles

BLD Waves Goodbye to Summer with Alcohol-Spiked Milkshakes

Neal Fraser and Amy Knoll Fraser mark the end of summer with a special Milkshake Menu on September 21 at their Mid-City restaurant, BLD. From 5 – 10PM, expect several different milkshakes, available both...