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Craft Beer San Diego

San Diego Craft Beer Update

It has been awhile since I have been to San Diego, but with the 2014 Beer Bloggers Conference taking over the super-charged craft beer scene for a weekend, I had the opportunity to visit...
Beer Conference

City of Roses, Beer and Bloggers

This past weekend marked the 2nd annual Beer Bloggers Conference, which took place in sunny, beautiful (and beer filled) Portland, Oregon, The City of Roses. But it was beer and love of beer that...
Craft Beer Portland

Essential Beer Festivals of 2011

In last week’s column, I mentioned how the 3rd LA Beer Week not to be missed, to ensure that we don’t miss it or any other cool festival, let’s get out our new 2011...
Craft Beer Colorado

Beer Bloggers Invade Boulder

OK, it’s not as scary as the Blob or War of the Worlds, but 100 or so beer bloggers descended on Colorado to discuss beer, technology and the bloggers’ role in the world of...