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Cocktail Los Angeles

The Bender: Bar Keeper owner Joe Keeper

Five days a week, you’ll find Joe Keeper behind the bar at Bar Keeper, his unique Sunset Junction shop that sells barware and propagates ritual. He’s also working on acquiring a liquor license, and...
Bartenders Guild Los Angeles

The Sporting Life 1st Anniversary Party @ Bar Keeper

Prior to World War II, Los Angeles was a center for cocktail culture, home to America’s first Bartenders’ Guild and nationally influential. After the war, L.A. was supplanted by cities like New York and...
Restaurant San Francisco

Joe Keeper’s San Francisco Bar Crawl: Absinthe

Retail is a bitch. I spend all year for those “magic” four weeks…basically Thanksgiving to Christmas…to make approximately 25% of my yearly income. Bar Keeper becomes less barware oriented and more gift shop oriented....
Tacos Los Angeles

Repeal Day Bender: Olimpus Juices, Bar Keeper, Delux, Kogi BBQ

On January 29, 1919, the U.S. entered an age of darkness known as Prohibition that banned the manufacture, sale and transport of liquor. This led to over 13 years of rampant organized crime. Maybe...
Beer Los Angeles

Edison Beer Soiree at Bar Keeper

Aidan Demarest, beverage director at The Edison, is hosting a beer soiree at Bar Keeper on December 8, including a little brass band and beer cocktails from mixologist Marcos Tello. Yesterday, Demarest described the...
Bar Store Los Angeles

Bar Keeper Repeal Day Mixology Class

The first Friday of each month, Joe Keeper hosts “Mixology Classes” at Bar Keeper, his Sunset Junction barware emporium. At these cocktail gatherings, the focus is on education. Keeper brings in a “bartender of...