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Sriracha Event San Diego

San Diego Sriracha Festival Recap + Slideshow

September 20, The Sriracha Cookbook and Food GPS produced the San Diego Sriracha Festival at Liberty Station, featuring top chefs and benefiting benefit Mama’s Kitchen, a San Diego-based charity that prepares and delivers three...
Tractor San Diego

The Tractor Room: “Honest Cocktails and Meats” in Hillcrest [CLOSED]

Johnny Rivera and Chef Andy Beardslee have built a dedicated following with Hash House A Go Go, their Hillcrest comfort food emporium with Flintstones-sized portions. A little over two years ago, the duo opened...
Restaurant San Diego

Hash House A Go Go: Brobdingnagian Breakfast in San Diego

An acquaintance suggested Hash House A Go Go in Hillcrest, but guaranteed that I wouldn’t be able to finish my food. I dismissed her claim, saying I have a big appetite. I learned that...