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Restaurant Sign San Jose

Gulzaar: San Jose Middle Eastern, Indo-Pak + Afghan Mish-Mash

Don’t let Gulzaar‘s worn look dissuade you. This is indeed a House of Full Flavor in West San Jose. A native South African opened the restaurant in 2007, featuring Halal Pakistani cuisine. In 2012,...
Afghan Restaurant Fremont

Salang Pass: Eat Like an Afghan Villager in Fremont [CLOSED]

In the early Aughts, my high school friend Ben was working in real estate in the Silicon Valley and living across San Francisco Bay in Fremont. We’d trade off, with Ben visiting Los Angeles...
Restaurant Sign San Francisco

Helmand Palace: Celebrating Independence with Afghan Flavor

Laghatac, deygee and sheerberaing aren’t exactly Independence Day classics. In Kabul, maybe, but not in San Francisco, which is where we spent the Fourth of July this year. Still, those dishes and more led...
Afghan Restaurant Los Angeles

Khybar: Bold Afghan Fare That Belies Namesake Treachery [CLOSED]

The house salad should have given it away, or maybe the fact that a second Afghan restaurant served pizza, but for some reason, it took a post-meal chat with owner Mohammed Yasin Safdari to...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

Chopan Kebab House: Afghan Surprise in Northridge Pizzeria [CLOSED]

It was a little disconcerting to arrive at an Afghan restaurant and find a Morigi’s Pizza sign out front. I entered and Chopan Kebab House proprietor Jawed Qayeum asked whether I wanted the Afghan...