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Adam McGovern

Coffee Portland

Sterling Coffee Roasters: Caffeinated Currency in NW Portland

During our 2008 trip to Portland, the city was as close to a specialty coffee “company town” as any place in America, with Stumptown Coffee coursing through most espresso machines, Fetco batch brewers and...
Coffee Portland

Interview: coffee pro Adam McGovern (Sterling Coffee Roasters)

Adam McGovern already had a good thing going with Coffeehouse Northwest, an influential cafe that straddles the line between Northwest and Southwest Portland. However, it wasn’t good enough to continue brewing somebody else’s beans,...
Coffee Portland

Coffeehouse NW: Presenting Stumptown with Optimum Style [CLOSED]

Portland is considered to have either the best or second best coffee culture in the country, and within the city, certain coffeehouses are known to stand out. Leading up to our trip, well-regarded L.A....