Mother Peach Lemonade (Drink of the Week)

Lemonade Sacramento

Sacramento is the epicenter of California politics, but until recently, didn’t move the needle much when it came to seasonal, local cooking. It helps when hometown heroes like Mike Thiemann return. He previously worked for Merriman’s on Hawaii’s Big Island and as Tyler Florence’s culinary director before moving back to Sacramento to raise his daughter (now two daughters) and to open Empress Tavern. While his more elaborate downtown restaurant was under construction, he debuted Mother down the block. This casual vegetarian restaurant features a patio that’s geared towards cooler weather and rotating menus.

This is a longwinded way of saying that Thiemann’s seasonal approach also carries over to the beverage program, which recently included very good Peach Lemonade ($3) that tasted like the essence of summer on a blistering, soul-crushing, 90-plus degree day.

Address: 1023 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

Mother Peach Lemonade (Drink of the Week)


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