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Restaurant Cambria

Linn's Main Bin is the upscale part of a multifaceted Cambria food business.

We all went to see the seals, then decided to grab a bite before heading on the road in our prospective directions. Sally had suggested her favorite restaurant in town, Creekside Cafe, but it was closed. [FYI, Sally says it’s the best breakfast in town, and after breakfast turns into the best Mexican restaurant in town.] I noticed Linn’s Main Bin around the corner. Linn’s is another iconic Cambria haunt. They had a fire or something and haven’t been open. Now they have three locations: an upscale cafe/restaurant, a more casual location and one that is more of a gift shop. What I didn’t realize is that they’re all within walking distance of one another. We ate at the upscale restaurant. Linn’s is known for the use of olallieberries, a hybrid of raspberries and blackberries. Unfortunately, we didn’t partake of any olallieberry specialities while there, but we all bought some preserves to take home, which I must say are quite tasty. However, the lunch there was spectacular. Nancee and I both had a roasted winter vegetable salad that was possibly one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. It was advertised as having beets in it, which we were both looking forward to; they forgot to put them in and we didn’t even notice. We both added chicken to our salad, and it was just incredible. Donna had a burger made from Hearst Ranch beef, and she said that was fabulous, too. We also tasted an eclair, carrot cake and a chocolate cake with olallieberries, which were all delicious.

Address: 2277 Main Street, Cambria, CA 93428
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