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BrewDog founders Martin Dickie and James Watt take craft beer TV to the extreme at American breweries. [BrewDog]

September 24 heralds the arrival of BrewDogs to Esquire TV. James Watt/a> and Martin Dickie, the extreme Scots behind BrewDog, took leave of Scotland and filmed their journey to American breweries where they spent time converting people to the cause of craft beer while creating beers in the most unlikeliest of places. Steve Stockman, the show’s Executive Producer, answered my e-mail questions about the upcoming series.

Sean Inman: How did Martin and James go about picking the cities and breweries to visit?

Steve Stockman: Mostly it was a process of elimination.  We only had 7 episodes, and we could easily think of 40 breweries that would be great.

The main criteria: What outrageous beer could we brew that had never been done?  That’s how we came up with things like brewing on a raft made out of beer kegs on the Deschutes River, or making beer out of San Francisco fog– and serving it as a fog– or brewing on a train.

We also, of course, looked for brewers who would be a blast to have a beer with.

SI: What was the biggest surprise of the trip? Any myths about craft brewing broken?

SS: Part of our mission in the show is to convert a million craft beer virgins.  It was harder to find them than we thought it would be.

SI: Are they optimistic about the craft beer scene here now that they have toured these cities?

SS: Sure…look at how few virgins there are!

SI: I know they have done quite a few videos but how did the BrewDogs enjoy being filmed for a longer time for the show?

SS: When they showed up on the first day they expected a couple of guys with a camera.  They were pretty surprised to see a crew of 25- but quickly got used to it, and now really enjoy sending people to get them coffee.

SI: Are they going to do a Season 2 and if so, will it be in a different country?  Italy or Belgium?

SS: We’re hoping for a Season 2 — we have to get everyone to watch season 1 first!  The show debuts September 24 at 10pm eastern/pacific on the new Esquire Network (which goes where the Style Network used to be on your TV).  You can see the “extended first look” HERE.  And you can find the new channel in your area by following this LINK.


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