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Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice is situated on East Coast Road, one of Singapore’s powerhouse eating streets. After an Avian Flu scare decimated this poultry-focused business in 2004, people wouldn’t order chicken. To survive, the restaurant was forced to adapt, adding whole menu sections: prawns, fish, tofu, noodles, vegetables, egg and meat.

Chicken Rice Singapore
The chicken rice was incredible, and such a bargain at S$2. With the chicken, everybody at the table got a plate of chicken stock infused rice, including my friend’s vegetarian wife, who wasn’t pleased to learn the reason her rice tasted so luscious. Per my friend’s specifications, the chicken was white meat, skinless and boneless. It was so moist. There were great chopped ginger and chili-garlic sauces. There was a bowl of chicken broth for spooning over the chicken rice, not that the dish needed any more moisture.

Chinese Food Singapore
Broccoli with chunks of garlic (S$6) was crackling fresh.

Chinese Food Singapore
The onion omelette (S$4) was fluffy.

Chinese Food Singapore
Ginger and spring onion sliced fish (S$8) featured crusty, pan-fried fillets of a white fish.

Chinese Food Singapore
Prawn with dried chili (S$10) was very good, featuring fresh prawns in a spicy, subtly sweet brown chili sauce.

Chinese Food Singapore
Thai style tofu (S$3) featured big bricks of fried tofu, crispy outside, creamy inside, slathered in sweet Thai chili sauce. I refuse to admit I ever liked a tofu dish, so I won’t.

Juice Singapore
I drank with two lime juices, both unnaturally yellow and overly sweet, but refreshing.

My friend said the restaurant two doors down is actually better regarded. They share a patio. Five Star has blue tables, the other place, brown. Five Star lets diners order from the other spot, but not vice versa. Meaning the other restaurant has more power. On my next trip to Singapore, I’ll eat at a brown table.


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