FiLMUiN: Exciting Video Review Website Helps People Choose

Video Review Website

FiLMUiN is a video review platform that helps people choose restaurants, hotels, and nightlife options in advance.

FiLMUiN is an exciting, new video review website pioneering the way people view and confidently choose restaurants, hotels, nightlife, and other locations before actually going there. Whether someone is researching what hotel to stay at for their next vacation or trying to find the perfect restaurant to take a date, FiLMUiN provides real world video experiences of what these places are really like. The video reviews are uploaded and shared by users and businesses. It is free to sign up and users can enjoy using the website on their mobile devices, iPads and desktop computers.

FiLMUiN CEO Thomas Matzner’s vision is to be the #1 hotel, restaurant and nightlife review website in the world, topping giants in the industry like Yelp and Tripadvisor. What makes them stand out, other than the fact that they are strictly video based, is that they offer a unique token system, which rewards users for posting useful video reviews. Tokens can be earned by users for things as simple as posting a useful video on FiLMUiN. The tokens can then be used to bid on free gifts that are given by businesses in the challenges section; such as gift cards to a restaurant or a free nights stay at a hotel, to name a few examples.

Within their first two weeks, FiLMUiN has over 300 locations that have been “FiLMED iN” in over five countries! They invite you to join FiLMUiN and share your 60 second or less video reviews Here. Your opinion matters.


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