De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies – Trenton, NJ [CLOSED]

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Pizza New Jersey

De Lorenzo's has been a Chambersburg pizza institution since 1947.

There is only one De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies. No other pizza is like it. It’s the highest rated restaurant in the state of New Jersey (Zagat) and the only one to be mentioned in novels (Janet Evanovich). It’s a destination pizza place and there are only slightly more than a half dozen of those in the country. If you get there at the wrong time, you can wait over 2 hours to get your pizza. I had a chance to talk to the grandson of the founder who told me that they originally had coal ovens and that when they changed them 40 years ago everyone said it would be different, but that it wasn’t. They still use the original recipe for dough, cheese and tomato sauce. It’s up there with Pepe’s. Maybe even better. At this level, it’s a matter of taste.

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