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Cooking Demo California

PBFW co-founder David Bernahl joined Daniel Boulud on stage for his cooking demo.

Daniel Boulud, as part of Pebble Beach Food & Wine, invited guests to Taste Perfection at his cooking demo inside The Inn at Spanish Bay event tent. He prepared three dishes, including cured Tai snapper with tapioca, cucumber broth, and Caviar-graced toast; diver scallops with Brussels sprouts, black garlic-miso puree, and puffed rice; and squab in brik dough with avocado chutney (“in Mexico they call it guacamole”) and three types of radishes. Here are 10 of my favorite facts and quotes from Chef Boulud.

1. Daniel started his demo by sabering a bottle of champagne. “Voila. That’s how we start our day in New York.” He said chef Fernand Point, a forefather in modern French cuisine, used to drink two bottles of champagne per day.

2. Aquavit is a Swedish spirit made with caraway seeds. “Every time I drink it, it reminds me of getting smashed in a bar there with beer and aquavit.”

French Food California

Daniel Boulud’s plates certainly appeared perfect, including tai snapper.

3. Scallops in America don’t have a fluted shell. From Long Island to Nova Scotia, they have an unserrated shell.

4. On live scallops: “They’re still moving. Amazing. You can’t be too sentimental with shellfish.”



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