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Regional Thai cooking continues to hold sway over Angelenos, and Valley Village houses one of the best options outside of Thai Town. Inthanon Thai recently gave way to Chiang Mai Urban Thai Kitchen, a rebranded restaurant from Angie Palawong, Linda Thongkam, and her brother/Angie’s boyfriend, chef Thom Thongkam. Palawong’s mom ran Inthanon Thai and retired, precipitating the rebrand, which now includes more modern decor and soft jazz.

If you’re looking for khao soi, sai aou (northern Thai sausage) or ka nom jeen nam ngiew (multi-faceted pork soup), Chiang Mai Urban Thai Kitchen is a good option. However, it’s anchan that stands out even more. This ingredient, which goes by butterfly pea, is apparently good for our immune system and blood circulation. The owners grow butterfly pea flowers in their backyard and use it to stain sticky rice, which comes with a choice of egg custard or seasonal mango. Year-round, you’ll find vivid blue Anchan Drink ($4) made with butterfly pea flowers and honey. Squeeze lime for acidity and to stain the iced drink purple. Purple drank may be so 2014, but not this floral purple drink.

Address: 12510 Burbank Boulevard, Valley Village, CA 91607

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We might have a hard time pronouncing the name of the drink but something tells us we’d have no problem sipping this one down. Can’t get enough of that rich, deep color. Sticky rice with egg custard is such a treat! We’ll have to put this place on our list.

Anchan sticky rice with mango (or custard) is another great reason to visit Chiang Mai Urban Thai Kitchen. Pair it with this drink.

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