Beer Pros

Brewmaster Baja

Interview: Jordan Gardenhire (Baja Brewing Company)

Last month I talked about Cabotella beer that is new to the SoCal market. At that time I also e-mailed some questions to Jordan Gardenhire, Colorado native and Baja Brewing Company founder/brewmaster. Here is...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Interview: Highland Park Brewery co-founder Bob Kunz

Longtime homebrewer and Northwest native Bob Kunz worked as a manager for Father’s Office before partnering with Ross Stephenson, Michael Blackman and Dustin Lancaster on Highland Park Brewery, which is located in back of...
Craft Beer San Diego

Interview: Saint Archer Brewery co-founder Josh Landan

Josh Landan, a Ventura native who built a successful career as a filmmaker featuring skateboarders and surfers, went on to manage action sports athletes before partnering with friends Mikey Taylor and Paul Rodriguez on...
Craft Beer San Diego

Interview: brewmaster Liz Chism (Council Brewing Company)

Liz Chism, husband Curtis Chism, and CFO Greg Leiser are opening Council Brewing Company in San Diego with help from a Kickstarter campaign that runs through December 15. They’re preaching “Community & Craftsmanship,” and...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Interview: Christian Warren + John Binder (Venice Duck Brewery)

Venice and the beach communities are a hotbed of craft beer activity. Christian Warren and John Binder, the two co-founders of in-the works Venice Duck Brewery, took turns answering the Beer Pro interview questions...
Craft Beer California

Interview: Mother Earth Brew Co. co-founder Daniel Love

Daniel Love co-owns Mother Earth Brew Co. in Vista with brewmaster Kamron Khannakhjavani and serves as the company’s General Manager. The brewery’s seen big growth since three homebrewers banded together in 2008 in a...