Silicon Valley

Banh Mi San Jose

Banh Mi Oven #1 Cold Cut Combo

San Jose is the city with the most Vietnamese-Americans outside of Vietnam, over 100,000 people according to the 2010 U.S. Census. Given that fact, it figures that their Little Saigon food scene is so...
Restaurant Sign San Jose

Gulzaar: San Jose Middle Eastern, Indo-Pak + Afghan Mish-Mash

Don’t let Gulzaar‘s worn look dissuade you. This is indeed a House of Full Flavor in West San Jose. A native South African opened the restaurant in 2007, featuring Halal Pakistani cuisine. In 2012,...
Restaurant Sign Burlingame

Mingalaba: Blending Cultures in Burlingame

Burma’s cuisine blends Indian, Chinese and Thai influences. Rangoon-born owner Sandra Tung has run Mingalaba, a Burmese restaurant in downtown Burlingame, since 2008. The name loosely translates to “hello” in Burma, and the staff...
Seafood Half Moon Bay

Navio Morro Bay Cod

Build a restaurant above Half Moon Bay’s crashing waves and next to a top tier golf course and people are bound to flock there, no matter the quality of the food. Still, it was...
Coffee Silicon Valley

Barefoot Coffee Roasters: Bringing Specialty Beans to Silicon Valley [CLOSED]

When it comes to coffee, California pretty much pivots on two fulcrums: Los Angeles and San Francisco. Those cities have by far the highest concentrations of compelling roasters and coffeehouses. However, some highlights fall...
Coffee Logo San Jose

Red Berry Coffee Bar: Rotating Specialty Beans in San Jose [MOVED]

Converting people to the wonders of specialty coffee in large cities has clearly been less of a challenge. The Mission district alone has several compelling coffeehouses in San Francisco, and Greenwich Village is similarly...