Ramen Tokyo

Rokurinsha Special Dip Noodles

A honeycomb logo signaled our arrival at a recent Shinjuku offshoot Rokurinsha, a popular ramen shop that first debuted at Tokyo Station. I opted for Special Dip Noodles (860 yen), their signature bowl. Thick,...
Japanese Food Kyoto

Tempura Matsu Karasumi

Repeated efforts, which ultimately included pleading, resulted in a prized table at Kyoto’s Tempura Matsu, a kaiseki-style restaurant in Kyoto near Arashiyama that trusted advisors highly recommended. Chef Toshio Matsuno took over Tempura Matsu...
Hong Kong View

Hong Kong Drinks Worth Seeking

Hong Kong is a city that’s evolving at quantum speed. In terms of drinking in the former British Dependent Territory, traditions like tea service and medicinal tonics remain, and newer trends like craft beer,...
Hong Kong View

Hong Kong Top Restaurant Guide

Hong Kong is a city that’s evolving at quantum speed. When it comes to eating in the one-time British Dependent Territory, traditional foods like congee, wonton and roast meats remain, and international influences are...
Congee Hong Kong

Mui Kee Congee with Fish

We’d already enjoyed congee three days out of four, which would more than fulfill my yearly quota for rice porridge in Los Angeles, when when in Hong Kong, congee is king for breakfast, and...
Cocktail Hong Kong

Quinary Earl Grey Caviar Martini

Quinary is a progressive cocktail bar located in Hong Kong‘s Mid-Levels, not far from the world’s longest covered escalator. The name refers to a bygone number system and is also designed to bring to...