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Millie Kerr

Barbecue New York City

Chasing Beef Brisket in the Big Apple

Three months have passed since my Manhattan burger roundup, allowing me enough time to recover from beef overload before commencing another piggish challenge: finding New York’s best Texas BBQ. I got a taste of...
Hamburger Manhattan

Manhattan’s Best Home Grown Hamburgers Under $10

Anyone who’s ever helmed a kitchen knows that simple ingredients can coalesce with drastically different results. Beef, bread, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and a slice of cheese: these basics formed the composite parts I sampled...
Tex Mex San Antonio

The World’s Best Tex-Mex Resides in San Antonio

I ate my weight in tacos while indulging at San Antonio’s Tex-Mex eateries, many of them tiny establishments with funny hours and never-before-seen menu items. Brightly colored signs adorn childhood favorites, where I customarily...