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Bradley Tuck

Restaurant Los Angeles

From East to West: Los Feliz ‘Vermont’ Restaurant Gets an Injection of Westside Sleek [CLOSED]

Something is afoot in Los Feliz. Vermont, that neighborhood staple that has been the anchor of Los Feliz fine dining scene for around ten years, has a new chef, in the form of their...
Farmer California

Ammo Farm to Table Dinner with Rutiz Family Farms

There’s been much ballyhoo in the last couple of years about “market to table” dining. Restaurants have become increasingly sensitive to the fact that diners care about where their food comes from. Farmers Markets...
Steakhouse Santa Monica

Let Them Eat Steak!: BOA’s Appetite Stimulus Menu Trims the Fat But Keeps the Flavor

One of the noticeable effects of our current economic meltdown, can be seen in the number of restaurants that are offering ‘special’ menus, discounted drinks, and other financial incentives in an effort to woo...