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Antico Caffè del Moro is a popular Florence drinking destination.

Everybody calls Antico Caffé del Moro the Art Bar. You wouldn’t be able to tell by the décor because the art refers to the drinks. The bar is a fairly unassuming storefront down a narrow alley. Inside you will find dark wood counters and small tables tucked away in corners. When you sit down, you are given three small bowls: popcorn, Chex-like mix and peanuts. The crowd is a mix of American students (like my sister, studying in Florence), tourists, and locals. We wasted no time, jumping right into the drinks: my mom started off with an Orgasmo (8 Euros) – amaretto mixed with Bailey’s, with a chocolate stick. She liked it so much, she ordered two more! I decided to be a little bit more conservative and went with the piña colada, which I was told had a certain flair. The slushy, fruity drink came in a glass with an equally high plume of fresh fruit: coconut, pineapple, coconut, starfruit, grapes, and bananas. Half the fun was snacking on the fresh fruit. My sister started with a strawberry daiquiri, which had similar fruit dressing. For my second round, I got the banana daiquiri, which was good, but I recommend the piña colada. To top off the night, my sister ordered a Cuban specialty: the mojito. I would steer clear of the mojito as it was not as interesting as the other artful cocktails. Go for happy hour from 6:30-9 and each 8 Euro drink costs only 4.50. Monday and Wednesday nights, happy hour runs all night. In Florence, this a must stop bar; you will not be disappointed.

Address: Via del Moro 4R , Florence, Italy 50123
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It’s Antico Caffè del Moro in Rome not in Florence

Zio, Rome also has a restaurant called Antico Caffè del Moro. This story focuses on the Florence restaurant, which has the full name Antico Caffè del Moro – ART BAR Firenze – Caffè degli Artisti. I’m not sure if they’re connected.

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