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Anderson Valley Brewing Company has done such a great job of marketing and building mythology that they started in the wilds of Anderson Valley in 1987 and built a national brand. They even created a hybrid animal that’s taken hold, a bear with deer antlers called a beer. I’d say that no brewery could thrive on branding alone, but AB InBev and MillerCoors have proven that’s clearly not the case. Thankfully, Anderson Valley beers are good enough to back up the brand.

At “Build your own burger” night, I scoured Blue Palms Brewhouse’s LED menu for a beer to pair with medium rare beef patty with cheddar, garlicky pickled “pop & wop” peppers and whole-grain mustard and found AVBC’s Framboise Rose. The 4.2% ABV gose with rose hips and raspberries was savory, tart, floral, and a good match for the punchy burger.


Joshua Lurie

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