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Restaurant Hartford

A.C. Petersen Farms is a gleaming ode to Americana in West Hartford.

A foodie’s dream – finding an old fashioned vintage Roadfood spot that is unheralded on the spur of the moment. How often does it happen? I had finished an appraisal at the University of Hartford. Riding back to Princeton, I stopped for lunch at A. C. Petersen Farms. It was on my right, just before the highway interchange – perfect. It looked like a dream out of the past. A gleaming Art Deco building – an ice cream store and lunch counter (with booths and a wonderful outdoor dining area) dating from 1939, A. C. Petersen Farms appears to be a working dairy and ice cream plant. Being on a “Sugar Buster’s Diet” I was ideally looking for a classic patty melt on rye bread and sweet potato fries and improbably, A.C. Petersen Farms had them on the menu. Everyone in the restaurant was seemingly ordering their “legendary” (so billed) burgers and I was not disappointed. This was one of the best patty melts I’ve had anywhere, the bread and onions properly grilled, the fresh ground burger delicious. The lunch crowd at noon was just beginning to pour in, but I was told that the place is really crowded on the weekends, for their breakfasts and brunches. They have a large menu, a huge selection of ice cream. I’ve passed by this place on the highway many times and probably would never have known about it if I hadn’t had to be at the nearby school. It’s now entered as a “Favorite Place” on my GPS.

Address: 240 Park Road, West Hartford, CT 06119
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