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Craft Beer Vancouver

Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighborhood, located southeast of downtown, has become a craft beer hub in the past few years. Josh Michnik founded local leader 33 Acres Brewing Co. on a bucolic side street in 2013. The name refers to a “master” number in numerology that combines the effects of two other master numbers – 11 and 22 – to “create a triangle of enlightenment.” I’d believe it at 33 Acres, a wonderfully airy cafe with white walls, wood accents, white three-group La Marzocco espresso machine, and beer brewed on-site.

Since this my first visit to the brewery, I of course had to order a Beer Flight (C$10.35), which lets you choose any four house beers. I opted for:

  • 33 Acres of Nirvana, 7% IPA, 70 IBU
  • 33 Acres of Cider, 6.9% house apple cider
  • 33 Acres of Audrey, 6.1% Belgian rye IPA, 60 IBU
  • 33 Acres of Frank, 4.4% single hop sour, 20 IBU
  • Audrey was the beer that really stood out to me. This golden hued witbier-IPA mash-up is golden hued, with Rye and Pilsner malts and four different hops – Galaxy, Apollo, Summer and Bravo – forming sweet body with hints of spice and lingering citrus-forward bitterness.

    Address: 15 W 8th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1M8

    33 Acres Brewing 33 Acres of Audrey (Drink of the Week)

    15 W 8th Avenue Vancouver BC V5Y 1M8 Canada

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