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Wesley Avila

Culinary Event Los Angeles

2014 Father’s Day CollaBREWtive Brunch Recap + Slideshow

For the second straight year, I had the pleasure of co-producing the Father’s Day CollaBREWtive Brunch with Firestone Walker Brewing Co.. This year’s event took place on June 14 at Tiato in Santa Monica,...
Culinary Event Los Angeles

2014 Father’s Day CollaBREWtive Brunch: Showcasing Collective Talents of L.A.’s Finest Breweries, Coffee Roasters and Chefs

On Saturday, June 14 at Tiato in Santa Monica from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Firestone Walker Brewing Co. and Food GPS present the second annual Father’s Day CollaBREWtive Brunch, which features an expanded...
Taco Los Angeles

Guerrilla Tacos Chorizo Taco (Dose of Vitamin P)

I can still remember a moment after the Lamb Showdown when Wesley Avila, who was working for Walter Manzke that night, announced that he planned to raise the bar for L.A. tacos. A bold...
Agua Fresca Los Angeles

Guerrilla Tacos Ambrosia Melon Agua Fresca (Drink of the Week)

Head to your local supermarket and it would be easy to think the world grows three melons: cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon. Not so. SoCal farmers market stands reveal the truth, that the range goes...