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Pork Los Angeles

TiGeorges’ Chicken Griot [CLOSED]

George Laguerre, the resilient owner of TiGeorges’ Chicken, overcame a 2010 fire and continues to carry the flag for the Haitian community at his colorful Echo Park restaurant. Sure, he’s best known for rotisserie...
Chicken Los Angeles

Who Roasts the Best Los Angeles Chicken?

A simple roast (or rotisserie) chicken can be deeply satisfying, and Los Angeles has some terrific options, including simple Peruvian-style pollo a la brasa, birds inspired by Armenian, Haitian, and Mexican cooking traditions, and...
Stadium Los Angeles

18 Top Restaurants Near Dodger Stadium

Dodgers season is back, and baseball fans in blue are gearing up across Los Angeles for opening day (April 1). Whether you’re a baseball enthusiast or a casual attendee, you’re going to need something...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

TiGeorges’ Chicken: Hyping Haiti in Echo Park [CLOSED]

Cuba and Jamaica typically get the bulk of the publicity when it comes to Caribbean cuisine, but other island nations have contributed to the region’s culinary landscape. Case in point: Haiti. The struggling country...