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Test Kitchen

Sausage Los Angeles

Kris Morningstar Garlic Sausage (Dose of Vitamin P)

It was the end of the night, the chefs were hoisting bottles of PBR, and smiles filled every face in the showcase kitchen. This was the triumphant culmination of a three-day stint at Test...
Soup Los Angeles

Neal Fraser Kabocha Squash & Roasted Chestnut Soup (Dose of Vitamin P)

It wasn’t Neal Fraser’s first ride on the Test Kitchen rodeo, so for his second stint at the mega pop-up, he was able to fine-tune his approach, which resulted in a great meal for...
Bartender Los Angeles

Interview: bartender-mixologist Brian Summers (Test Kitchen)

The career of bartender-mixologist Brian Summers started humbly at the casual French café La Frite, but since then, the “Valley kid” has worked at some of the most high-profile bars in town. He was...
Pork Los Angeles

Playa Pork Belly at Test Kitchen (Dose of Vitamin P) [CLOSED]

Repeated meals at Rivera have convinced me that when John Rivera Sedlar is in the kitchen, it’s a very good idea to be on the receiving end. When word went out that he’d be...