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Steve Livigni

Chefs Los Angeles

Food & Wine Best New Chef Dinner: Jamie Bissonnette + Viet Pham + Ricardo Zarate at Paichẽ

Chef Ricardo Zarate and business partner Stephane Bombet joined Food GPS in welcoming some of Zarate’s fellow FOOD & WINE Best New Chefs to Marina del Rey to collaborate on two unique dinners and...
Bartender Los Angeles

Interview: bartender Steve Livigni (La Descarga)

Age was beside the point when Steve Livigni first worked behind a bar. He made cocktails for friends in high school and couldn’t wait to start mixing drinks for a professional clientele. In college,...
Bartenders Los Angeles

A Night with Neve at Osteria La Buca

When we showed up at Osteria La Buca on April 27, we never expected to be led down a back alley and into a windowless wood-walled room. However, that’s exactly where we found host...