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Pork Los Angeles

Terrine Wood Roasted Suckling Pig Trotter (Dose of Vitamin P) [CLOSED]

It’s not like Kris Morningstar had to convince anybody he’s a believer in pork. Terrine‘s chef/partner has built an impressive resume since his days at Blue Velvet, where he dazzled diners with wild boar...
Peruvian Food Los Angeles

Paiche Quinoa Con Alverjitas (Food of the Week) [CLOSED]

dineLA’s Restaurant Week was a great excuse to take some mid-day breathers and enjoy multi-course lunches with friends, which pretty much never happens during the week. I’d been meaning to get back to Paiche,...
Chefs Los Angeles

Food & Wine Best New Chef Dinner: Jamie Bissonnette + Viet Pham + Ricardo Zarate at Paichẽ

Chef Ricardo Zarate and business partner Stephane Bombet joined Food GPS in welcoming some of Zarate’s fellow FOOD & WINE Best New Chefs to Marina del Rey to collaborate on two unique dinners and...
Peruvian Food Los Angeles

Mo-Chica Peruvian Ingredient Showcase + Paiche Preview

Mo-chica 2.0, a more fashionable, ambitious upgrade of the Mercado La Paloma original from chef Ricardo Zarate and business partner Stephane Bombet, hosted a complimentary lunch for media types on October 9. Their goal...
Chef Los Angeles

Previous Jobs for L.A. Chefs, Restaurateurs + Food Truckers

I asked 10 Los Angeles chefs, restaurateurs and food truck operators at LA Street Food Fest and out in the field variations on one question, What did you do for a living before starting...
Chefs Los Angeles

Getting Selective with 12 Los Angeles Chefs and Restaurateurs

I recently spoke with 12 Los Angeles chefs and restaurateurs at An Evening on the Beach, LA Street Food Fest, and out in the field and asked, “If people could try only one of...