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Craft Beer Los Angeles

Verdugo West Interview, Mt. Lowe Inspo + Smog City Steelcraft

A couple weeks back, I casually dropped a few Burbank brewing news items. Now, it’s time to learn a bit more about one of them, Verdugo West Brewing. I e-mailed a few questions for...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Cream of the #LABW8 Crop: 10 L.A. Beer Week Events

Mere hours separate us from 2016 L.A. Beer Week. #LABW8 runs June 18-26. Here are 10 L.A. Beer Week events [Yes, a Top 10. How very 2015 of me] that I think will blow...
Top 10 California

10 Great California Smoke Beers

The German name is Rauch. In English it can mean to reek or fume, but for craft beer purposes, the word we are looking for is Smoke.  Sometimes that smoke is a background note and...