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Craft Beer Los Angeles

11 One Night Stands

The NBA All-Star game is coming up on Valentine’s Day, but if you want a roster of SoCal brewery all-stars, look no further than the 11 breweries that will be featured in Beer Belly‘s...
Beer Los Angeles

Hop in a New Way: Expanding Hop Variety on the Horizon

This year’s Unity beer for L.A. Beer Week featured Gargoyle hops. This hop sprung from California Cluster and imparts (in general) a mango/citrus bouquet. Though not grown in large acreage yet, if it becomes...
Water California

H2(LOW): Drought Threatens Growing California Craft Beer Culture

By now we should all know that we really need to conserve water.  I know that you don’t need a craft beer post to lecture on the California drought, but water is dramatically important...