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Coffee Seattle

Slate Coffee Deconstructed Espresso & Milk (Drink of the Week)

The final stop on my Seattle coffee tour with guide Smoovebcoffee, aka Brett Hanson, was at the charming Slate Coffee in East Ballard, which Lisanne Walker, daughter Chelsey Walker-Watson and coffee roaster/son Keenan Walker...
Coffee Seattle

Interview: Laila Ghambari (Caffe Ladro Director of Education)

You could say coffee is Laila Ghambari’s blood. The longtime coffee pro grew up visiting the Seattle cafés owed by her father’s coffee company, went on to compete in the 2012 United States Barista...
Coffee Seattle

Interview: Coffee Pros Dana Foster + Celeste Clark (Zoka Coffee)

The Seattle coffee scene has a long and proud history but remains a small close-knit community. At my first-ever coffee cupping, I was fortunate to meet Dana Foster, the Director of Coffee and Green...
Coffee Seattle

Interview: coffee pro Velton Ross (Velton’s Coffee Roasting Co.)

Oregon native Velton Ross moved to Seattle for college, and “became quickly enamored with the city and the extensive coffee culture.” He operates Velton’s Coffee Roasting Company in the Lowell neighborhood of Everett, Washington,...
Craft Beer Seattle

Interview: beer pro Todd Carden (Elliot Bay Brewing)

I grew up in Portland and ended up in Los Angeles blogging about beer after attending Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon. Fellow Linfield alum Todd Carden went north (eventually) and lives in the Seattle...
Bartender Seattle

Interview: bartender Anu Apte (Rob Roy)

Utah native Anu Apte got her start behind the bar in Salt Lake City and transitioned to Seattle, where she worked at bars like Vessel and BOKA Kitchen + Bar. In 2009, she teamed...