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Root Beer

Coffee San Diego

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters Chuck’s Root Beer (Drink of the Week)

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters is a low-key coffee operation that Chuck Patton founded in 2002 in a sleepy La Jolla neighborhood and now runs five locations throughout San Diego County. Bird Rock most recently...
Cocktail Los Angeles

The Slipper Clutch Bourbon + Root Beer (Drink of the Week)

Punk rock and highballs have the power to unite talented people. 213 Hospitality teamed with The Varnish co-founder Eric Alperin and veteran New York bartender Richard Boccato on The Slipper Clutch behind Bar Clacson...
Root Beer Wisconsin

Sprecher Root Beer (Drink of the Week)

Man cannot live on coffee alone, even when facing the menu at one of L.A.’s leading coffeehouses, Intelligentsia Venice. Luckily, tucked away under the pastry case, hidden in plain sight, the well-caffeinated Chicago-based company...
Root Beer Los Angeles

Margo’s Bark Launch Party Has Bite

Everybody knows the go-to move for a seven-year-old at a science fair. It’s one of those lame baking soda volcanos. Thankfully for dogs (and stomachs), Oscar Youd had other ideas. Last year, for his...