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Ricardo Diaz

Brewery Whittier

Whittier Brewing Co., Flowers + Infinite Wishes

It is a romantic name with Valentine’s Day around the corner. Poet Gardens is the dining/food hall where Whittier Brewing Co. set up shop. I mentioned this brand new brewery in my new and...
Breweries Los Angeles

New L.A. Brewery Watch 2020, 40th Anniversary + Brewbies 11

At the start of each year, I like to feature L.A. breweries that could/should open in the near future as well as those breweries that opened recently and started their brewing journey. This year...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Yorkshire Square Brewery, Earth Thirst + Whittier Brewing

More cask conditioned beer is headed L.A.’s way as Yorkshire Square Brewery is set to launch in the SoCal brewhub of Torrance right across the street from Honda HQ. Andy Black has moved into...
Beer Cocktail Los Angeles

Colonia Publica Michelada La Morena (Drink of the Week)

The michelada may be North America’s greatest beer cocktail. The sessionable beverage is best known for combining Mexican beer with Clamato, chile, lime, and salt. Really, though, the michelada is a genre of beer...
Taco Los Angeles

Colonia Taco Lounge Pork & Pumpkin Taco (Dose of Vitamin P) [CLOSED]

Chef Ricardo Diaz is cutting a masa-fueled swath across L.A. County. The co-founder and former partner in Guisados now presides over Bizarra Capital in Whittier and teamed with Patrick Aguirre on Colonia Taco Lounge...
Chef Los Angeles

Previous Jobs for L.A. Chefs, Restaurateurs + Food Truckers

I asked 10 Los Angeles chefs, restaurateurs and food truck operators at LA Street Food Fest and out in the field variations on one question, What did you do for a living before starting...