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Bartender Los Angeles

Interview: bartender-mixologist Zahra Bates (Providence)

Zahra Bates is a seasoned bartender, but still sees every day as a learning opportunity. She draws inspiration from fellow bartenders and mixologists, Providence customers, and by wandering the farmers markets…and when she can’t...
Restaurant Providence

Nicks on Broadway: Sleek, Progressive Providence Diner

Aside from the Culinary Institute of America, Johnson & Wales is probably America’s foremost culinary school. There’s a branch in Charlotte, but the flagship campus resides in Providence. As a result, the small New...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

Providence: Hunting for Buzz and Settling for Refined Seafood

My cousin Jimmy visits Los Angeles once a year on business. After he’s done working for the day, we get together for dinner, and he always wants the same things: great food, high energy...
Italian Restaurant Providence

Al Forno: Baking With Buon Gusto in Providence

It was a Friday night, so we expected a two-hour wait, at least. That’s how popular Al Forno has become. Incredibly, the hostess sat us right away. We even scored a prime seat on...