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Bartender Los Angeles

Top Selling Cocktails at Los Angeles Bars (Part 2)

I asked 8 prominent L.A. bartenders one question: “What’s your best selling cocktail, and why do you think that’s the case?” Their responses provide insight about both clientele and bar programs, just as they...
Peruvian Food Los Angeles

Picca Patita [CLOSED]

Picca, the contemporary Peruvian cantina from chef Ricardo Zarate, managing partner Stephane Bombet and business partner Bill Chait, was pretty much an instant hit in Beverlywood, but that hasn’t stopped them from fine-tuning the...
Chef Los Angeles

Interview: chef Ricardo Zarate (Picca + Mo-Chica)

Lima native Ricardo Zarate spent more than a year working two full-time jobs, heading the kitchen at Venice’s Wabi-Sabi while getting Mo-Chica rolling at Mercado La Paloma. All that effort apparently paid off. Mo-Chica...